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Successful Business Owners Follow A Strategic Process...

"FREE Training: How To Systematically Grow Your Profits and Cash Flow... Without Stress or Overwhelm"

One thing has become crystal clear since I started helping business owners profitably grow their companies: those who are successful don't "wing it."  They follow a strategic process for growing their revenues and profits.  And if you want to be successful, so should YOU.

With the Grow Your Profits & Cash Flow Webclass you'll have a strategic plan -- the One Clear Path™ -- for systematically scaling your business, profitably!


Systematically Grow Revenues & Profits... And Win.

The Grow Your Revenues & Profits Webclass is a hyper-efficient, 60-minute course that teaches you how to grow your profits and cash flow using a proven, systematic process that you follow every month.  It gives you the same no-nonsense, no-fluff strategy used by the most successful businesses, no matter what market or industry you're in.  THIS is the secret sauce that separates the businesses that win from the 91% that ultimately fail.  (It's true, 91% of businesses eventually fail.)  I could have made this course 10X longer, but I've found that whenever I put together a long, complicated masterclass, the participation rate tanks... and I'd rather you consume 100% of a "crash course" than 0% or even 20% of a collegiate program.  Trust me, you'll get so much more out of this webclass than you would from anything you'd learn in some stuffy business school!

Any Prerequisites? Only The following
(You Do NOT Need To Have A Financial Background)


You'll just need access to a phone, tablet or computer... and the internet.  That's it!  (A computer would yield the best experience.)

60 Minutes

This course was designed to only require 60 minutes of quiet, focused self-study. It is self-paced, you can complete it in intervals.


The course is PACKED with crucial information, but info is futile without action.  You MUST take action to implement what you learn.

FREE Course Content


How To Generate More Cash Than You Spend

91% of all businesses fail, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  The reason?  In every single one of those cases, it is because they couldn't consistently generate more cash than they spent.  Once you learn how to do the opposite, it becomes almost impossible to fail.


Creating 'Targets' For Profit & Cash Flow

Success doesn't happen by simply "winging it."  The only way to consistently optimize cash flow is to set targets for the things that drive cash flow, and then make sure you're on the right track to hitting those targets, month and month, and ultimately year after year.


Keep Score To Know What's Working... & What Isn't

After you set targets, the next step is to measure your progress with respect to those targets.  In this lesson, I show you how to create a scoreboard that shows you EXACTLY what's working, and what isn't working, in your business.


Create A 30-Day Action Every Month

Once you know where your business is on track, and where it is NOT on track to hit your targets, then it's time to create a 30-day action plan designed to get your business on track to hitting ALL of its targets.  In this lesson, I show you precisely how to do that.

Ready To Follow A Proven Process To Grow Your Business?

Hey, I’m Todd Henry, a CPA and business owner.  I use my financial expertise to help business owners profitably grow their companies.  I'm so successful at this precisely because I understand both sides of a business (the financial side and the ownership side).

As a CPA and former corporate finance business executive, I can examine a business and quickly spot the underlying reasons why a business is not profitable and has poor cash flow.  And, more importantly, I know how to fix it.  I know how to make businesses grow and become more profitable.

That's exactly why I'm on a mission to help business owners, like you, have a growing and profitable business that produces consistent, healthy cash flow.

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